In this post, I will be pointing out some mistakes a lot of folks make when contacting insurance leads. 

The kind of excitement that comes with purchasing your insurance leads and having it in your hand can make you feel anxious about contacting them. you always have the mindset that after all, you paid for these insurance leads and you won’t want to contact them not knowing this is the period to take advantage of contacting insurance leads as your insurance marketing task. you should just put yourself together, gather all the knowledge you want and make a contact. but in contacting insurance leads, you should avoid these 3 common mistakes.

Mistake #1 Defensiveness

Don’t be discouraged by your rejection or trying to make it get through your skin!  Take advantage of this new lead, forget about all the rejection, keep your head straight and watch what the future will bring.

Rejection doesn’t mean the end of your business, or even that you are selling incorrectly; it just means you have to keep moving forward, fine-tuning your methods until you get it right. Rinse and repeat (and keep it positive).

Mistake #2 Mud-Slinging

Make sure you mind your business in promoting your offer rather than going about tarnishing your competitor. it will surely hit you big time because you can’t convince everyone to believe you or to purchase your lead.  Don’t do it. Mud-slinging typically does more damage to the one slinging the mud, because the prospect will begin to see you in a negative light.

Instead, focus all of your energy on sharing the solution you can provide to meet the prospects’ needs. You have what they need, so there’s no reason to mention the competition. Keep the focus on your business and your pitch and how it can benefit the lead.

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Mistake #3 Boasting and Advertising

Avoid boasting and advertising the sales award you have received so far or how great your business is, instead identify what this potential client needs and how you can solve it…  When it is time to contact a lead, you want to be solution-focused and customer-focused.

Customers’ interest is usually the solution they will get from you. They care less about your advertisement and that is one fact you have to accept. Customers will always have this very simple mentality: “What’s in it for me?” Because this is what they are thinking during your phone call or when they read your e-mails, you want to deliver the answer clearly by showing how you can meet their needs for insurance.

having noted these 3 mistakes to avoid when contacting insurance leads, you can deliver your pitch in a way that will be most powerful insurance leads which will make your clients see you as a professional.

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