Filling a car insurance claim after an auto accident is something you have to be careful about. we decide to discuss it today to enlighten you why it’s important to understand every step you have to take.

According to our reports, the holiday season and winter tend to be the factor that accumulates higher accident rates. This is usually a time auto insurance companies get so busy. hopefully, you won’t get into an accident during this season but its good to know the step to take in filing a car insurance claim.

Steps in filing a car insurance claim

1. The first step is reporting the car accident police in other to have proper documentation. report the case if someone is injured irrespective of the injury. In case of property damage or car damage is there, and limits higher than the state limit should be reported. This would be normally $1000 for most states in the USA.
2. Move your car out of the traffic to protect your vehicle from another loss.
3. Make sure you Record on the scene or probably get details of the accident e.g, you should include the number of vehicles around the accident scene and the badges of the personnel at the spot. I suggest taking a picture of the scene as concrete evidence.
4. Make sure you have the check-list of the other party involved so as to give it to the police as driver information-exchange form.

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5. Make sure you collect numbers of some witness around the scene which you can use to make a statement at the police at a later date if the need arises.
6. Any form of acceptance for money or fault or just no reporting of the accident should never be done. This would prejudice your car insurance company or your own car insurance claim.
7. You should contact your car insurer as soon as possible after the accident and make sure you file a complete claim. It is best to follow their advice and instructions since this might lead to communication gap and also later have difficulty in processing the claim.
8. Before you move the car to any car repairer or let’s say garage, you should consult your insurer if they have a preferred repair shop in your area. this will actually save a lot of issues with the insurance company at a later date.
9. Make sure your insurance company agrees to pay all the fees before you invite an adjuster.
10. In case there are supplementary damages found at the time of repair and the estimated loss is changing, contact the insurance company and get if confirmed.
11. Make sure that after repairing the car, that you check all repairs at the auto shop and also when you return home to make sure that you are satisfied with the work.
12. Get all necessary official receipts from the repair shop because you might present it to the insurance company when filing an insurance claim.

Remember that most of the issues that people have with car insurance companies are just because of not following the rules. Unfortunately, auto insurance companies have set rules which they follow and cannot be changed.

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